Business trainer
Anton Morin, 2022
Since 2015 I have been teaching people (from students to top managers) how to create & conduct presentations & think creatively
I teach how to create bright, clear and memorable presentations by:
  • focusing on most important parts of content & excluding unnecessary ones
  • building clear structure and communication logic flow
  • visualizing your information for better understanding
  • performing bright, work with your body, fears and speaker`s conditions
I'm a theorist (designer)
Graduated from British Higher
School of Art and Design
«Graphic Design & Illustration».
So I know how to create concise, bright and clear presentation for your audience.

I taught how to create presentations:
I'm a practitioner (experienced presenter)
20+ years I have been creating presentations on a daily basis for different occasions and presenting them:
  • within TOP management steering committees
  • on launching projects / selling projects` results
  • speaking at conferences etc.
I teach creative thinking skills
  • telling what methodologies are available for each purpose
  • showing how to stir up your brain to break creative deadlock
  • creating new ideas together with you applying these methods for your purposes
Graduated from creative teachers` school at IKRA group
Creativity ambassador at PepsiCo

Carried out trainings and workshops on creative thinking for:
+7 (903) 102 18 43