Anton Morin, 2022
I speak to audiences from 1 to 1000 people to inspire them for changes
I like talking to people to inspire them for something
greater that they can (and they really can, trust me!).

And I purposefully make an accent here on talking rather than performing, because I see significantly more sincerity in it, more transparency, something really personal and intimate, very vulnerable that I have to share so that it resonates with people and causes changes. Because this is ultimate aim of speaking: to cause changes in the world through changes in people.
Why am I a good speaker?
  • I really like sharing with people my knowledge, experience, inspiration
  • I am not ideal but alive and sincere, ready to communicate as equals
  • I want to bring real value to my audiences

Get in touch with me if you need to speak to people on the following themes:
  • personal growth & productivity, psychology, coaching, mental health
  • joy and happiness in life, relationships building
  • work/life balance, career development, achieving goals
  • presentations, design, public speaking
  • creativity and creative thinking skills
  • marketing research and analytics

Already spoke for / at:
+7 (903) 102 18 43